Company profile


GAP is the right choice for your medical device needs. We as a medical equipment distributor are committed to offering competitive medical equipment products, quality, and prioritizing service. We are qualified to offer products globally that meet or meet the requirements of businesses around the world.


Our customers seek solutions to their most complex product challenges. We respond with innovative services that meet the highest and quality standards and transform these challenges into opportunities for our company's competitive advantage. GAP has built alliances and partnerships with factories in several countries to provide Medical Device products in Asian countries and China. Medical Device factories and products are equipped with facilities and certificates that comply with international standards in the field of Medical Devices




To become a provider of medical equipment of high quality, trusted, and professional medical equipment for all health facilities in Indonesia




  • Provide and distribute equipment - the best medical equipment, quality, and meet applicable safety standards
  • Provide the best service to customers in a professional, systematic, and integrated technology
  • Always innovate and understand market needs
  • Pay attention to customer satisfaction and create a good relationship between the company and the customer




There are 5 principles that we always maintain to provide convenience to customers, ie COOPERATION RELATIONSHIPS, SERVICE, DELIVERY TIME, WARRANTY, AND PROFESSIONALISM



Cooperation Relationship

GAP is a good partner as a Distributor, anticipating customer needs, developing product ranges according to market needs in Indonesia and offering extraordinary business opportunities



GAP has customer service that takes care of the integrity of our customers. In addition, our technicians have been equipped with a wide range of training to ensure the maintenance and use of equipment.


Delivery Time

GAP makes order confirmation times with clear delivery times. If the delivery time is not met, then customer service will confirm and offer solutions and alternatives to the customer before making changes to the delivery schedule.



GAP is synonymous with customer trust. We chose the best brands and products of each specialization. So we provide product warranty and after-sales service in order to get the trust of its customers



GAP defines professionalism as the quality we deliver beyond standards, not only to result in more efficiency in our work but also more participation with our community. We hire the right employees and train them to not only do their job well, but also to show responsibility in the job.